What I Can Do for You

I can finish what remains unfinished or unwritten.

I can be your voice, your fingers, and to the degree necessary or desirable, your mind.

I can interview (by phone or in person) the experts that you have at your disposal, find out what they know, and integrate that knowledge into the final written product.

I can read everything (or at least a good deal) of whatever is already written on the subject of your choice, and then come up with a new synthesis of the material under your direction.

I can relieve your writing burdens. Far too many individuals – and businesses – have an unfinished or not-yet-started piece of writing that is crucial to them. The thinking often goes something like this: “No one but me can possibly get this written, especially given its technical or detailed nature, and I’m too busy or overwhelmed or uninspired to get it done, so the best option is to let it sit there.”

That’s where I come in. Maybe I can’t get it done exactly the way you would do it, but I can get it 95%+ of the way there, and then after some editing and iterating … you’re done! Is it magic? Well, yes, the magic of communication, and the magic of commerce.

Importantly, I remain undaunted by large or technically oriented projects (as long as the math isn’t too dense). I have successfully written a thousand page treatise on law and forensic science, and my graduate level training in statistics and on the scientific method often comes in handy. If you require a practical but detailed cutting-edge synthesis created on nearly any subject matter, then with apologies to Leonard Cohen, I’m your man.